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Worker B is South Africa’s first online marketplace/ super market for buying and selling digital services or Jobs.

Make more money part time or even full time by showcasing your expertise on Worker B.


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We are sure that you can find something to sell on Worker B. Have a look at all the categories we offer and see how other Worker B’s are offering their services, find a category where you can showcase your talents, and then decide how you want to sell them.


The profitable sellers give the buyer as much information as possible. Leaving no room for misunderstandings. Make sure you include the following:


  1. Complete your Seller Profile in full
  2. Your Worker B job needs to be well written, accurately describing the job you provide
  3. Provide your own authentic samples of work that accurately reflects your work.


You will receive better ratings and happier customers if their expectations are met and even exceeded. The better ratings and reviews, the more business you will generate and more profitable you will be.

Please note: Buyers who buy your job pay Worker B in advance. These funds are only released once the job has been successfully delivered and completed. Worker B takes 20% of the total order value. Example: If you sell your job at R100, you will receive R80 for your completed job.

Here’s all you need to know to get started! Here to you and your success!


  1. Signing up with Worker B is FREE
  2. Only Registered users can sell on Worker B
  3. Click the Register button top right-hand side of Worker B website
  4. Create your account by adding your first and last name
  5. Supply us with your email address and password and click Sign Up
  6. You will receive an email from Worker B to verify your email address
  7. Once verified you will be taken back to the Worker B site and into your dashboard.



While creating your seller profile please be aware that the whole Worker B marketplace will be able to see your profile for each Worker B job you post. Remember you can go back and edit any of your profile details at any time.

All seller profile information can be entered into the left-hand side of your dashboard.

  1. In the Profile Picture section, add an image of yourself.
  2. Location – you may add your location at the location icon
  3. Out of Office button
  • Too busy button - Order limit: Too many orders and not enough time? Limit the number of orders you can receive for each Job by going to “Selling,” then “Jobs,” and then selecting the relevant Job to set the limit. 
  • Out of Office: This feature lets customers know you’re unavailable and can’t take new orders. Set the time, add a quick note, and then activate it. After the time’s up, the “Out of Office” mode will automatically deactivate.

       4. In the Description section, introduce yourself to the Worker B marketplace. Tell us a little about yourself and what it is you do.

       5. In the Languages area, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.

       6. In the Linked Accounts section, link your Facebook and google account to your Worker B account.

       7.In the Skills section, use the + button to add your skills. These may be skills gained through your everyday life, previous jobs or your hobbies.

       8. In the Education section, if you would like to add your education and qualifications you may do so here.

       9. In the Certification section, add any certificates or awards that you would like to share with the marketplace.



It’s always free to post your Worker B Job.

Your Job is almost like your storefront window. This is your time to shine. Add as much information that you think the buyer will need and want to do business with you. The more professional and detailed you are the better you will do. Make a good impression and stand out from the crowd.

  1. You can either create a job from your dashboard or from the drop- down menu under Selling – create new job
  2. Follow the easy step by step form to complete your job.
  3. Each section has a pop- up box to explain what you need to do for each step. Follow the prompts and you will have your job up in no time.
  4. Once published your new job will be seen by all in the Worker B marketplace.
  5. Should you want to edit or delete the job then click on the three dots to the left of the job called Job actions and edit / view detail or delete the job.

Here is a more in depth look at how to create a new Worker B Job

 1: Overview

  1. In the JOB TITLE field, write a title of up to 80 characters.
    Choose a catchy and descriptive Job title.
  2. In the CATEGORY AND SUB CATEGORY drop-down menu, Select the category and sub-category that applies to your specific job. For example, if your job is Logo design, select Graphics & Design > Logo.
  3. In the TAGS field, enter search terms, to make it easier for buyers to find your service. Search terms are important and will impact your visibility and exposure on Worker B. When adding your search terms, please remember:

Special characters and duplicated terms will be ignored.

You can use upper- and lower-case letters.

  1. Click Save & Continue


2:  Pricing

You have the option to create three packages

  1. In the PACKAGE TITLE section, write a brief title for the job you are offering.
  2. PACKAGE DESCRIPTION - Describe exactly what your product offering is about. Be as detailed as possible.
  3. In the DELIVERY TIME drop-down menu, select the exact amount of time it takes you to get the job done.
  1. In the REVISIONS drop-down menu, determine how many revisions are you willing to make to the final job.
  2. In the PRICE section, determine how much you want to charge for your job.
  3. My JOB EXTRAS – State and then explain what the job extra includes. From the drop-down menu select the amount of time it will take to complete as well as the price it will cost to do the job.  For Example; Provide a vector file, create two additional logo's, stationary design.
  1. Click Save & Continue.


3: Description and FAQ

  1. In the DESCRIPTION section give the buyer as much information about your job offering, what's included in your job and what makes you different. Remember to include all the elements of what the buyer will receive at the end of the job.
  1. In the FREQUENTY ASKED QUESTIONS area, click Add FAQ. Think of any possible questions that your buyer might ask about your job and answer it.

Question: Do you provide the captions/hashtags for the posts?

Answer: The job is focused on the design and graphics. For things like captions and hashtags, you should look for an SEO/Marketing expert that will do a better job at that than me.

  1. Click Add FAQ to add another question.
  2. Click Save and Continue

4: Requirements

Tell your buyer what you need to start the job

  1. In the REQUIREMENT #1 area enter the details of what you require from them.
  2. If you require the buyer to provide the information you selected, mark the “Answer is mandatory” checkbox.
  3. Click Add another requirement should you need to.
  4. Click Save & Continue.


5: Build You Job Gallery

This is where you add memorable content to your gallery to set yourself apart from your competition.


  1. In the JOB PHOTOS area, click on the image box and select an image.
    Upload photos that relate to your Job. The photos can be samples of your work. You may upload up to three images. Each image should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format, and up to 50 MB. The image should be owned by you. Do not use copyrighted images.
  2. In the VIDEO area, upload the videos by; adding url in the area provided, or upload from saved file on your pc. Make sure your video is no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB. Once you add a video, it will be used for the thumbnail in the marketplace.
  3. In the JOB AUDIO area, drag an audio file or click Browse and select a file.
    - This option is not available in all categories.
    - Supported formats are mp3 and mpeg. Make sure your audio is no longer than 3:30 and not larger than 10 MB.
  4. In the JOB DOCUMENTS area, click choose file and select a PDF, doc or docx file. You may upload one file. Note: This field is optional.
  5. Click Save & Continue.


6: Publish

  1. Congratulations. Your almost completed your first job.
  2. Click Save and Publish.
  3. A pop up will ask you if you are sure you would like to publish the job – click OK



  1. After you log in, from your dashboard, you will see all the jobs you have created.
  2. Click on the three buttons on the bottom left hand side of the job if you like to edit. These buttons are called the job actions.
  3. Select either edit, view detail or delete job
  4. Make the changes you want to make, and click Save.



  • The Dashboard: This is the engine of your business! Here you’ll find all the information necessary to manage your business. 
  • The Buyer and Seller use the same dashboard
  • Once you’ve logged in you will automatically be taken to your dashboard.
  • On the left hand-side you will be able to fill in and edit your PROFILE
  • On the right hand-side you will see all the jobs you have created
  • You will also see a block where you can CREATE A NEW JOB
  • Your latest Selling Orders will be shown on this page
  • You can also see all the latest buyer requests that have been sent out to the marketplace.
  • Click on the name of the request to see specific details.
  • The dashboard has buttons with drop downs to help you navigate better


  • Manage Jobs - All the jobs you have posted are seen here
  • Create a New Job – If you click on this dropdown you will be taken to the create a new job form
  • My offered Jobs – All the Jobs offered ??



  • Selling Orders – These are the orders that you are currently working on
    • You will find the order ID, status of the order and the action.
    • In the ACTION section you can
      • 1. View the offer details
      • 2. Go to the workplace – You can view order information as well as message the buyer from here to.
      • 3. Once the job is complete you can send your completed order from here????????
  • Buying Orders -  ?



  • Earnings

– Net Income: All the income you have earned from Worker B

– Withdrawn: The amount of money that you have received

– Used for Purchases: ?

– Pending Clearance: Money still held by Worker B until Jobs have been completed

– Available for Withdrawal: Amount of money that you can immediately withdraw

– Minimum Withdraw Amount: ?


Transaction History – See all the detailed job descriptions and amounts that you have already completed.


  • PayPal History – Here you will see all PayPal transaction history



  • Buyers Contacts – All your customers contacts if you click on VIEW PUBLIC PROFILE you will be taken to his profile and can contact him directly using the CONTACT ME button.
  • Sellers Contacts - ???????



  • You will see if you have a new message when the red dot appears.
  • The date, message and action for the message will appear.
  • If you click on the VIEW Icon you will go directly into the chat area with that specific buyer.
  • Here you can respond to the buyer and ask any questions you like.
  • This messaging system is controlled by Worker B ??????





  • CHANGE PASSWORD – Should you for any reason want to change you password you can do so here.
    • Enter your current password and then the new on. Make sure the password is 8 characters or longer with a combination of upper, lowercase letters and numbers.
    • Confirm your password and click save changes.


  • If you don’t have a PayPal email address, you can create one in the set PayPal email address box.
  • Click Save Changes



  • You will be sent an email from Worker B notifying you that your job has been accepted and by whom
  • Go to job



A Job Offer Request is an offer from a seller based on the specific information you provided in your conversation with the seller. If you accept the seller's offer, it will create an order, which is the equivalent of ordering a WBJob on Worker B.

  • You will see all the buyers job requests that has been sent out to the entire Worker B marketplace on your homepage dashboard.
  • Should you be interested in replying to the request and sending the buyer an offer then click on the name of the request
  • Determine what the buyer is looking for.
  • Should you need further clarification click on the buyer’s name under ABOUT THE BUYER and contact him directly OR in the dashboard click on his PROFILE ICON and speak directly to him.
  • Fill out the SEND YOUR OFFER form on the right-hand side.
  • Fill in the AMOUNT you are willing to do the job for
  • The AMOUNT OF DAYS it will take you to complete
  • NUMBER OF REVISIONS that you after willing to do
  • In the YOUR OFFER MESSAGE. Be as detailed as possible so that the buyer knows exactly what you can do for them.
  • Click the Send offer button



To see when the buyer has accepted your offer you will be notified in one of two ways

  1. You will receive an email from Worker B telling you that the specific buyer has accepted a specific job
  2. You can go to notifications and see?
  3. Go to your order button and click on selling/buying orders?????



  • You don’t pay to create an account and post as many jobs on Worker B as you like.
  • You can create a three package offering to cater for all types of customers
  • You may also bid on buyer requests for free.
  • The buyer buys your job/service and Worker B holds the money for you.
  • Funds are only released once the job has been completed and the buyer is happy
  • Worker B takes 20% from all earnings AFTER you make sales.


Why Should Worker B take 20% of my money?


  • You get a free platform to advertise and sell your services and jobs
  • A customer support system that helps with any disputes
  • All payments are secure and you know you will receive your money once the job is done
  • Traffic from all Worker B marketing
  • Terms and Service to protect both buyers and sellers